“Set your course by the stars,
not by the lights of every passing ship.”


 Omar Nelson Bradley


Oiltec Solutions has set the clear course and strategy towards where we will be by the year 2020. Our industry is in TRANSFORMATION, where our customers are looking for new effective solutions in order to implement Continuous Performance Improvements (CPI) for their operations. DIGITALIZATION is on the oil-companies agenda and will be implemented across their value chain. We at Oiltec are an ambitious team, with clear focus on our goals and strong commitment to deliver quality high value products and services to our customers around the world. As part of the HitecVision, we have been set to lift the ceiling for drilling- and logistic simulation. We always challenge, motivate and inspire each other to become better in order to deliver the best customer experience and value possible.

Working with demanding and ambitious Customers always bring you ahead of the others.

This is our VISION2020.

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