Team and history

Slide background

Oiltec Solutions AS has offices and representatives located in Norway, USA, Ukraine and China. We also have production facilities in Norway and the US. Our experienced management team and our energetic team of highly skilled software engineers provide a long track record within oil & gas simulations and visualization. Our team origins from Hitec company in the late 90’s, where the team delivered the first digital Cyberbase chair based top-side drilling simulator to ConocoPhillips.

Since then we have delivered advanced and highly realistic drilling and crane simulation, as well as visualization to the leading international oil & gas companies. Among them are Statoil, Chevron, CNOOC, Pemex to mention a few. Our team’s mission is to increase our customer’s operational safety and operational performance. Thus, our product spectrum covers all relevant operational areas – e.g. from offshore crane to well control. We deliver market-advanced dynamic simulator products and services that can take your company the next steps forwards within the O&G industries needs for Digitization.

Oiltec’s executive management team consists of the following key members:

Tom R Bremer

Tom Bremer: The Managing Director of Oiltec Solutions has extensive international experience with the simulation business since joining the team in 2001. With his background from IT- and Business management he brings a lot of strategic and commercial value to our team. Being a strategic mind, his mission is to bring Oiltec Solutions forward into the future, enabling leading O&G companies to optimize and extract real operational values from their Digitization strategy.

Lars Namork

Lars Namork: Director of Sales and Marketing. Being a “Hitec veteran”, Lars returned to work with our team in 2006. Lars has a broad technical background as well as extensive international O&G business experience. Being our commercial mind behind Oiltec’s sales and marketing, his background from different areas of the energy business in Honeywell, GE Drilling Products and Energos, is a unique asset to our team.

Eivind Rovik: As the Director of Technology Eivind has proven through his close to 20 years with our team, to be a Technical Wizard. His broad technical experience with hardware and software platforms, enables Oiltec Solutions always to be ahead of our competitors. Eivind has a long, excessive project track record within DCDA as well as drilling and crane simulation projects.

Øystein Mehus: Is our Director of Product Development. Øystein has extensive product management, project management and software development experience through groundbreaking projects within both Oil and Gas and Maritime transport sector for a global customer base. Customers include Statoil, Shipping and Transport College (STC), APM Terminals, DP World, Schlumberger, Weatherford and CNOOC to mention a few. Øystein is also deeply involved in strategy and business development for new products, projects and services.

Our team has a unique, global oil and gas experience and track-record, as well as a broad experience from executing demanding software projects and innovative simulation product deliveries.