Event: Stavanger Training Center Open day for Equinor

hiDrill simulator

A successful simulation Open-day in our Training Center hosted by our partners Maersk Training, where we had the pleasure to welcome representatives from several licenses from Equinor. Equinor is an energy company with more than 20.000 employees developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries. Equinor plans to drill as many as 3,000 exploration or development wells off the coast of Norway in the hope of finding new oil and gas fields and extend the lifetimes of existing ones. This is around the same number as the company has drilled in the near 50 years since it was founded in 1972. Equinor has a clear ambition to make use of the best technology available, in order to drive a consistent long term safe and efficient operational performance and value creation. eDrilling and Oiltec are proud suppliers of the hiDRILL wellSim simulator technology.

Equinor has been using our hiDRILL wellSim simulator for its well specific training (Drill your well in the Simulator) since 2012. Using a Digital Twin of the well that are going to be drilled, enables the crew to train on realistic challenges that they may experience offshore and through this training be much more prepared to handle the challenges. With more than 3.500+ people trained since 2012, our hiDRILL wellSim Simulators has been put well at use.

After the presentation of simulation training with human factors and the demonstration of the simulator’s functionalities, many attendees had a chance to act as a driller or an assistant driller during tripping out in a virtual environment drilling a Digital-twin well. Others enjoyed to discuss the presented technologies and the training value it delivers to the licenses.


Our hiDRILL™ wellSim simulator products and services are at the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency within their offshore drilling and well operations.