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The oil and gas offshore environment is a challenging working environment involving high operational risks for your personnel, environment and assets. Oil and gas companies globally have the same challenges and have to address them accordingly. How you plan, prepare, train and execute your offshore operations are the critical success factors related to safety and performance achieved.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) have in their earlier yearly Safety Status Report addressed the following offshore operational challenges to:

  • Improve competence transfer and sufficient training
  • Improve experience of the operational personnel assigned
  • Improve instructions and understanding required for operational procedures
  • Improve risk understanding and correct pre-risk evaluation
  • Improve required project management and project preparations ahead of operations

Our  energetic team of engineers and programmers provides a long track record within oil & gas simulations and visualization. Together with our technology and service partners, we deliver high-value simulator training and competence programs to our customers. Our training focus is “learning by doing” making learning by experience our mantra. To sit onshore in our drilling or offshore crane simulator, preparing and training before going offshore is makes your team prepared.

Ahead of your installation or modification projects, choosing Oiltec Solutions as a partner is a key decision to save money. Thanks to our 3D studies, we are able to check your features, such as procedures, planning and pre-engineering. Your potential issues are detected and our 3D visualization helps you making efficient debates and meetings. Your operation safety and feasibility will be checked and costly delays will be avoided.

With our competence training and 3D simulations studies, we are addressing all the challenges above, providing drilling and offshore crane simulator services for your crews, 3rd parties suppliers, engineers or project teams.

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