OILTEC Solutions Seminar 2016

FREE DEMO of our hiDRILL wellSIM and CRM training

We will train a drilling crew in front of you on various drilling incidents in our realistic virtual rig

We would like to invite you to our OILTEC Solutions Seminar on January 21st. The event is free of charge and it will be held in our facilities at Koppholen 20, 4313 Sandnes, Norway.

Working together with our key partners, we will present you with the opportunity to take part in a unique drilling training experience. Through our hiDRILL wellSIM simulator training with Crew Resource Management (CRM), you will be immersed in a very realistic rig environment facing various incidents. A key focus of the event will be to highlight how this training has the potential to make your operations safer and more cost-efficient.

Prepare yourself to show your capacity to detect a kick and identify critical scenarios such as large losses, ballooning effect, full evacuation of gas, high pressure zones and more. You will be an active participant in the training by helping the crew to detect a comprehensive range of simulated incidents.

Welcome to a day of drilling incident prevention and management!

The OILTEC Solutions team

The company who identifies the incidents the fastest will win our OILTEC Solutions Trophy

pdficon_small OILTEC Solutions Seminar 2016 – brochure

Thursday, January 21st, 2016


8.30 Welcome breakfast

9.00 Introduction to OILTEC Solutions and our key partners

9.45 Break

10.00 Product demo: hiDRILL wellSIM and CRM training

Crew Resource Management theory course prior going offshore

11.30 Lunch break

12.30 Product demo continuation: hiDRILL wellSIM and CRM training

Drilling training in our virtual rig (hiDRILL wellSIM drilling simulator) with Maersk Training instructor

CRM debrief

15.00 Seminar closing

Questions and remarks from attendees

Practice on our simulators open to all attendees

Some photos from the event: