New contract award: hiDRILL Xperience simulator



Once again Oiltec is very proud to announce a new contract for our hiDRILL Xperience drilling simulators. This time our client chose our hiDRILL Xperience Extended X-3 Hardware configuration. Our technical and marketing team has great beliefs for this new model configuration with its high user value and crisp images.

We are very pleased to work with the leading institutions in the O&G industry, to further develop drilling and well competence, increased efficiency- and safety. Our client has strong ambitions to take a leadership position within the industry, further strengthen the competence and capabilities for the industry. Oiltec is both proud and enthusiastic to be part of this Partnership, setting the standard for the oil and gas industry in the years to come.

Our simulator products and services are enabling your teams to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency of your drilling and well operations.