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Drilling Academy

Cost saving opportunity

Choose our simulation studies ahead of your drilling operation and installation projects in order to save money.

Thanks to our hiDRILL wellSIM simulators and 3D visualization technology, first we pre-test your reality offshore and we carry out concept screening for your topside drilling and pre-planning for your drilling operations. For example, we can check all your well procedures, installation and operation planning, drill floor design, new drilling technology and third party system. Your operation safety and feasibility will be checked and costly delays will be avoided.

Second we have a unique environment to share the results with you. With our powerful and customized visualization tool, all concerned people can easily view the project steps at the same time. So drilling issues and decisions can be discussed between all participants efficiently with our support. Open to changes, we can modify your options with our real-time   simulator, allowing your debate to be quicker, more productive and ending with the optimal solution. You usually have better suggestions to solve problems when you can visualize the environment and interact with it. Should your features do not fit together, we will detect it immediately in our simulator. You can drill your well how you plan prior to mobilization to verify your decisions. Instead of endless meetings with the different teams involved in your project, we offer you the most profitable way to check your schemes, to identify and solve your potential issues and to share the results with the operational teams. You save time through better planning and procedures, and you reduce risk through better understanding of the tasks. Then you can train your crews with your final well procedures and planning in our Drilling Academy.

Unique environment

Our center in Stavanger (Forus), Norway, offers you the best facilities to perform your 3D studies. Our facilities have a 72-seat auditorium, hiDRILL wellSIM simulators and additional meeting rooms, where we perform our 3D drilling studies together with our clients. Our advanced simulators offer fully realistic equipment performance for drilling operations. Our 3D visualization of the simulator uses our rig model during the different project phases, from concept to final design and as-built hand over. The various teams have a 3D view of the as-built platform and use it as facilitator for design reviews, re-development reviews, hazard operations and other risk studies related to drilling operations. This environment can be used for rig familiarization as well.

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