“Getting started”

2014 starts off in a great manner! More requests for proposals than ever, good discussions with existing and new potential customers, hectic work on projects, as well as exciting, new product launches that are coming up.
PartnersMore information will be published later. We are also pleased to say that our close partnerships with eDrilling, Maersk Training and the other key partners are really getting excellent feedback from our customers on training and technology values. We will also launch our Selective Partner Program (SPP), targeting our unique service and products offering through a selected number of close partners to the global Oil & Gas- and Port markets. Again, we look forward to an exciting, benefiting and valuable year together. Please contact us for more details and discussion.


Managing Director, Tom Bremer

New Year Letter

Dear all,


2013 has been a hectic, rewarding and unbelievable exciting year for us at Oiltec Solutions. Entering the year I had great expectations, but I really have to say I am both proud and really impressed of my team and our partner’s performance during the year. To mention the achievements specific would be wrong, there were so many. Now we are entering the time of the year, for enjoying time with our families, for making reflections of the year that has passed and gain energy in order to be ready to enter the new year 2014 “the year of the horse”. We look forward to new great achievements with our Customers, Partners and Employees for the year to come and we promise you will run even faster next year than in 2013. We look forward to meet old and new customers and partners again in the New Year and let us make 2014 the best ever!


Wish you all a Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year!


Med hilsen, Kind regards,


Tom Bremer

Managing Director

Oiltec Solutions AS


Donation to the Foundation Children in Hospital dept. West – Stavanger

Oiltec is a conscious company related to the world around us, as well as we have socially interested employees that really cares. This year, instead of Christmas gifts to employees and our customers, we have decided to donate funds to a worthy cause. There are many good causes to choose from, but this year we have chosen to donate our Christmas funds to Stiftelsen sykehusbarn avd Vest / Foundation Children in Hospital dept. West here in Stavanger. You can read more in Norwegian about the foundations at:

logo_sykehusbarn avd Vest


We would like to recommend that you all read about this cause, their main mission is to “Foundation Hospital Children’s Dept. West work to implement measures to improve child and youth well-being offers, and thereby achieve increased activity and well-being of seriously ill children and adolescents who are hospitalized.” It’s a good cause, driven by very special people that care and we in Oiltec support their work.


We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Clients, Partners and employees a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (the year of the horse)!

New contract award: Awarded multi Drilling Simulator contract from CNOOC, China.

Oiltec Solutions AS and eDrilling Systems AS have entered into a Contract with China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Oiltec Solutions AS (Oiltec) together with eDrilling Systems AS (eDrilling) has entered into a contract with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for delivery of an integrated drilling training and operational center in the city of Tianjin, China.

Two similar training facilities are in operation at Forus, Stavanger Norway, in addition to one in Houston Texas, USA. This is a major breakthrough for Oiltec and eDrilling in the Chinese market says Lars Namork, Sales Director at Oiltec. We are very happy and humble to the fact that CNOOC has chosen our technology for their training and well operations. The technology has been developed in Norway in co-operation with SINTEF Petroleum Research and important principal Statoil.

CNOOC is the largest offshore Oil and Gas producer in China. Headquartered in Beijing, CNOOC employ approximately 100.000 people in all their businesses.

We will deliver the most advanced drilling simulators for team training. The training simulator is called Intellectus hiDRILL and consists of advanced down-hole and topside simulators that constitutes one state of the art dynamic environment. Decision Support System called eDrilling and Well Planning System called ePlanning are very important parts of the total integrated delivery.

Like any other Oil and Gas producer or Drilling Contractor CNOOC needs decision and operational support for their wells. As for the training of crew it is very important that drillers, company crew members and rig management can train in an environment as close to the real world as possible. Like in Norway, CNOOC will train their crew on their own well configuration in situations that we can guarantee you will not want to see happen on a rig. We have learned a lot from how the Aviation Industry is thinking. They train on undesired operations, not only how to fly on autopilot. We are the “flight simulation provider” to the Drilling Industry, securing better decisions during drilling and well operations.