New contract award: Oiltec signing new hiCRANE Xperience contract



Oiltec is pleased to announce that we have signed Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for one of our new hiCRANE Xperience simulator customers. The AMC will secure continues software updates and user support for your Simulator system. Our technical team is continuously working on improving our Simulator products and its reliability. Having an AMC means that support, advise and remote diagnostics are only a phone call, or an email away. Not having an AMC your Simulator system software will soon be outdated and support maybe costly. Be proactive and sign an AMC for your simulator systems, contact us for more details and a quote.

Oiltec’s hiCRANE Xperience simulators provides your port with the best simulator solution improving the safety, efficiency and proficiency of your port operations.


MOL is preparing for upcoming exploration, by drilling well 3/7-11 S Otta/Vinstra (in PL 539) in our hiDRILL wellSim using digital twin prior to operations.

Rowan Viking is contracted for the well, located in the southern part of the North Sea, close to the Harald Vest field on the Danish side, and 45 km east of the Valhall- and Ekofisk fields.  MOL plan to drill the main bore for Vinstra followed by a sidetrack to shallower formation Otta. Exploration wells are located in the southern part of the North Sea at a water depth of 66 meters. MOL owns 80% of the field, and Lundin 20%.  Drilling is planned to start April 1st.

hiDrill simulator

wellSim hiDRILL is the planning and training solution for enabling your crews to pre-drill, perform test runs of your upcoming well in the simulator. It provides safe, effective, and efficient well delivery for any planned well by giving crew skills and experience on the specific well. Adding Human Factor training and you will have a 360 training program for your crews.

wellSim hiDRILL™ simulators are on the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve drilling safety, efficiency and proficiency in their operations using a digital twin of their actual well. 


Technology news for 2019: BINC 3D, it’s even better than the real thing!

Binc 3D Drill-floor

We are now starting to implement our latest BINC™ 3D visual models improvement in a new release for 2019. Our technical team has worked hard during this last year to get the next version of BINC™ 3D models ready for our customers. After months of upgrading models and testing software performance, our technical team is ready to do the launch. We just call it realism in every detail!

What do our latest BINC™ 3D visual engine bring to you as our customer:

  • Extremely fast loading of 3D scenes using the binary BINC file format
  • All rendering data contained on Graphics Card just one simple draw call from CPU draws the whole scene
  • Using newest OpenGL v4.6
  • Full 64 bit support makes it easy to use all Graphics Card memory (currently 12GB on Geforce)
  • Full support for 4K textures and larger (flexible extension)
  • No limits on number of textures in the scene
  • Immersive ready

In sum, BINC™ 3D will give you as a customer an increased realism in every detail, improving the value of your training of your personnel. The GAP between simulation and real will be closer than ever before.

For all our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) customers, we will contact you to schedule our new hiDRILL™ and hiCRANE™ software releases for Q1, 2019. Be ready to experience a new BINC™ 3D reality in our hiDRILL™ and hiCRANE™ simulators that is “even better than the real thing!”

2018-04-12 13_03_35-hiCRANE Instructor Application

BINC™ 3D brings a new improved dimension into drilling- and crane simulation training and for your digitization visual tools. Contact us to know more about how our hiDRILL™ and hiCRANE™ simulators can improve your operational safety, efficiency and proficiency.


Drilling your Digital-twin well in our Dynamic hiDRILL™ simulator



We at Oiltec Solutions are very proud our our hiDRILL™ drilling simulator product portfolio. The feedback we get from our clients and users are excellent, especially related to its realism and ability to accurately build a Digital-twin of the well to be drilled. Feedback from drilling campaigns achieving zero incidents, or injures, as well as drastically reducing NPT, flat-time, and down-time during their operations. The Instructor has the ability to build realistic and accurate scenarios for the students, enabling him, or her to deliver a great learning experience. Learning to handle potential problems before the operation, as well as testing out different options give the Leaders and crews confidence before starting the operations. We look forward to share our technology and new software updates for our existing and news clients during 2019.

Our hiDRILL™ simulator products and services are enabling your teams to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency of your drilling and well operations.


Oiltec welcomes 2019


We look forward to share exciting things with our customers, partners and friends in this new year 2019. We will launch new upgraded simulator products- and services for both the oil and gas, as well as the port/logistic sector. Please contact us if you would like to know how we can make a difference for your business.

Our mission is to make our world perform better, through more efficient and safe operations.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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From all of us at Oiltec Solutions to all of you, have a Merry, Merry Christmas. If you need assistance during the Christmas holiday, please note that the office is closed between the 22nd and 26th of December. To all our customers, partners and friends around the world, we wish you to have some nice relaxing days with family and friends. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the year of 2018 and we look forward to meet you all again in 2019.

Our mission is to make our world perform better, more efficient and safe. Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!


New contract award: Oiltec signing new hiCRANE Xperience contracts



Oiltec is pleased to announce that we have signed two new contracts for our one of our smaller hiCRANE Xperience simulator solution. The hiCRANE Xperience ATS simulator is designated among others to one of the fast growing African Ports and it will implement the Simulator for assessment and training of port crane operators. Using our hiCRANE Xperience simulator your port can dramatically improve your efficiency and safety records through methodical and safe training of your crane operators.

Oiltec’s hiCRANE Xperience simulators provides your port with the best simulator solution improving the safety, efficiency and proficiency of your port operations.

New milestone: Another hiCRANE Xperience™ successful delivered to a world leading Chinese port.


Oiltec Solutions is very pleased to announce that we have finalized our delivery to one of the world leading terminal operator in Asia, for a new hiCRANE Xperience™ ROS simulator. In this project we have worked in a close partnership with the market leading industry OEM; ZPMC, delivering our newest hiCRANE ROS simulator technology. This simulator technology will enable the Chinese port customer to work smarter, safer and more efficient.

The hiCRANE Xperience™ Remote Operated System (ROS) simulator is delivered with BINC 3D, our new visual engine providing State-of-the-Art graphics, as well as very realistic physics and a customer specific terminal as working environment for the operator. The hiCRANE Xperience™ software is a multi-facet simulator platform that is enabled for adding new crane modules and OEM industrial control systems. Its open architecture, easy to use drag-and-drop functionality and the extensive scenario-builder module, makes the hiCRANE Xperience™ stand out in the market place. This simulator solution provides our customers with a unique and efficient training environment for the operator, that will transfer their lifting skills as improved performance out to the terminal.


Oiltec’s hiCRANE Xperience™ simulators provide you with the best training solution in the market place, enabling you to work smarter, improve safety and efficiency of your terminal operations.

Event: Visiting delegations to learn about drilling your well in our Digital-twin

Oiltec Solutions is very pleased these last weeks to host several visiting delegations, that wanted to learn more related to how they can improve their drilling operations, by using our Dynamic drilling simulator and drill your well using a Digital-twin. A digital twin is a complete 360-degree digital replica of a physical well that is loaded into the drilling simulator. With an increased focus on digitization, more and more people in our industry open their eyes for the efficiency and safety values that drilling simulation brings to the O&G industry. With the ability to drill the exact well that you are going to drill offshore or onshore in the simulator, the leaders and crews will be ready for flawless execution during the drilling operations.

Our hiDRILL™ simulator products and services are at the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency within their offshore drilling and well operations. 

Event: Wintershall and Oiltec Solutions hosted a Gazprom management delegation to learn about the Maria Simulation training


Oiltec Solutions was very pleased last week when we together with Wintershall Norway hosted a visit from Gazprom management. The background for the Maria presentation was to give the Gazprom management a in-depth insight in how the training projects was executed together with our partners Maersk Training, eDrilling, K&M and CAVU International. Using our Dynamic hiDRILL wellSim simulator, the Maria crews from Odfjell and Halliburton drilled using a Digital-Twin well, as well as the CAVU coaches focused on Leadership and crews performance.

In short the key achievements for Maria were:

  • Zero incidents and injuries during the 270 days drilling campaign
  • The team finished way ahead of the drill plan, resulting in considerable savings
  • The rig drastically reduced its NPT, flat-time and down-time during operation

After the presentation the Gazprom visitors were invited to test the Dynamic Drilling simulator first hand, drilling segments of the Maria well in the Digital-Twin. A lot of interesting discussions took place during the event and we welcome the Gazprom management to revisit upon occasion.


Our hiDRILL™ wellSim simulator products and services are at the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency within their offshore drilling and well operations.