Oiltec Expands in the Middle East with hiDRILL Xperience™

Lebanon 2

Oiltec has just completed another delivery of the hiDRILL Xperience Simulator in the Middle East. The hiDRILL Xperience simulator will be a key part of the University’s strategy towards the local oil and gas sector.

For Lars Namork, Oiltec Director of Sales, it has been a pleasure to work with the team of Phoenicia University to develop a top-of-the-range facility at its campus in southern Lebanon. Oiltec is honored to have been selected by Phoenicia University to provide software solutions for drilling simulations and operations.

Highly qualified instructors will run the facility. Beyond fundamental well control, the university can now bring students into higher levels of petroleum engineering through the Crew Resource Management training program, among others. The flexibility of the system, in combination with the very high competence of the staff, will propel Phoenicia University to be the number one facility provider in the region.

Our hiDRILL™ simulator products and services are at the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency within their drilling and well operations for decades to come. 

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The Total Jasper team has prepared for the Jasper exploration well, by drilling the HPHT well in simulator using a digital twin prior to operations. A Digital Twin is the digital representation of your actual well. Used in preparation it enables you to pre-drill your well in the wellsSim hiDRILL simulator at the center located in Forus.

The operation is expected to take 90 days to complete. The well, located in the Total-operated production license 255B, will target a prospect named Jasper in a water depth of around 267 meters. Total will used Saipem’s Scarabeo 8 semi-submersible drilling rig for the drilling project. This is a semi-submersible drilling facility of the Moss CS50 MKII type, operated by Saipem Norge. It was built in Russia and Italy and commissioned in 2012. The facility is classified by DNV GL and registered in the Bahamas.

wellSim hiDRILL is the solution for enabling your crews to pre-drill, perform trial runs if you like, of your upcoming well in the simulator. It provides safe, effective, and efficient well delivery for any planned well by giving crew skills and experience on the specific well.

wellSim hiDRILL™ simulator is on the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve drilling safety, efficiency and proficiency in their operations using a digital twin of their actual well.