Starting 2018 off with shipment of one of our hiDRILL Xperience™ simulators

Oiltec truck_002

Oiltec is very proud to ship off one of our hiDRILL Xperience™ simulators to one of our new clients. Our global footprint is rapidly growing, as international customers learn the capabilities and capacities of our hiDRILL™ product-line. There has been massive development these last years for our hiDRILL™ simulators and we expect the continuous enhancement from the O&G industry going forwards. This year will be a very exciting year for Oiltec’s simulator product-lines.

With a stabilized oil-price between $60 and $70, the oil-companies goes from cost cutting and reduced drilling activities, to increase both spending for exploration and production drilling, as well as sanctioning new production projects increasing their CAPEX. With a 2017 being a 40 year low for new discoveries, the industry needs to gear up to catch up with the lost years. With a lot of talent that has left the industry, we believe training of personnel will be one of the key factor for success for the NDC’s and IOC’s in the years to come.

Our hiDRILL™ simulator products and services are on the forefront of the O&G industry digitization, enabling our clients to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency within their drilling and well operations for decades to come.