New contract award: Oiltec has been awarded the first contract for our newly launched Xperience simulators


Oiltec Solutions office

Oiltec has been awarded our first contract for our newly launched Xperience simulator from one of the leading International Operators. We are very pleased to be shown this great confidence, as well as it underlines both our competitiveness and the strong simulator capabilities of our new Xperience simulators.

“We are pleased to work with the leading Operators in our industry, taking our Xperience technology even further and ensuring a good implementation of a Continuous Performance Improvement company culture for our clients. We have a strong team of skilled, experienced engineers, that always strive to go beyond our customers expectations.” says Managing Director, Tom Bremer in a short statement.

Oiltec’s Xperience simulator provides you with the best simulator solution enabling you to improve safety, efficiency and proficiency of your operations.


New contract award: Statoil signs global drilling simulation training agreement

Statoil has identified a need for advanced drilling simulation training in order to reduce time used for training offshore, increase safety, operational understanding and efficiency.  Statoil will leverage a portfolio of well-specific cases and events to challenge and develop their employees through realistic simulator programs.

The technical background for fulfilling this agreement is based on cooperation between Maersk Training (training),  eDrilling (advanced downhole simulator) and Oiltec Solutions (advanced topside simulator).

For Statoil’s own words on how they practice well control incidents in real time with the drilling crew, and how the simulator allows them to practice on their own wells (and fields) i.e. real cases, see their video.



Events: Oiltec Technology Days presenting the Next Generation of Simulations


Sven Inge Ødegård, Chief Operating Officer at eDrilling and Øystein Mehus, Director Product Development at Oiltec, presented the latest Dynamic Drilling and Crane simulator technology during the Simulator Technology Days.


Through our Advanced simulator training (with hiDRILL wellSim for drilling and hiCRANE Xperience for crane operations), you will be immersed in a very realistic environment facing various incidents, in order to improve your technical and Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills. Our Continuous Performance Improvement program (CPI) will train your people to detect, react and recover and will make your operations safer and more cost-efficient.


Experience first-hand how our Dynamic drilling and crane simulators improves your safety and efficiency


Events: Oiltec is now launching the Xperience Simulators

Taking a huge step into the future, Oiltec is proud to be launching our brand new Xperience simulators. The next generation of advanced, Dynamic simulators are now finally ready for the world market.


With new even more realistic simulator physics, in addition to proudly introducing our own  new BINC 3D engine providing improved visuals and a detail level never experienced before, newly added features and functionality, in addition to a new full range of off-the-shelf X-serie hardware platforms, there are no limitations where technology can take you. In a serie of Technical Workshops together with our Customers, we will present our new Xperience and our other Simulator technologies.


Please do contact us to learn first hand more how our Xperience simulator solutions can improve your operational safety, efficiency and proficiency.