Welcome 2016

2015 was a year that both gave our O&G industry as a whole new challenges, as well as opportunities. After a decade of growth in investments and oil-price peaking on record levels, our industry in 2015 had to rethink how we operate. The industry have had to enforce discipline on both CAPEX and OPEX, in order to secure profitability in a new reality. Cost cuttings and massive lay-offs were key actions and phase one on the agenda. Still, the key quest for the oil-companies is to maximize the return on every dollar spent, either as OPEX, or CAPEX.

The second phase that we now are entering is were Oil-companies have had to improve planning, preparations, training, execution and Lessons learned in order to secure a performance improvement of its operations. This is where Oiltec’s Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) Program is a perfect match, addressing the areas within drilling Planning, Training and Operations (incl. Lessons learned) where the execution can be improved. Oiltec’s CPI program is a valuable factor for your company in order to meet the challenging environment in our industry. This is the reason that Oiltec and its key Partners is looking forward to work together with the leading companies in our industry during 2016 to enable your people to execute your operations safer, quicker and more cost efficient.

Welcome to 2016, the year of Continuous Performance Improvement results.