Oiltec welcomes Melissa Clodic as Key Account Manager for Academy and Services

Oiltec has hired Melissa Clodic as Key Account Manager for Academy and Services. She has a long-time experience in the international O&G industry. Melissa comes from the position as O&il and Gas consultant in IFP Training. She has a global experience from the industry, delivering training and education projects with full sales and execution cycle responsibility. Melissa has a PhD in Economics on modelling the European biofuel supply,Master in Energy Economics as well as  Master in General Engineering and Master in Public Economics (both with honors). She has a good understanding of fundamental basin exploration (geology, geophysics), as well as Fundamental drilling and linguistically she is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Melissa will have responsibility for our Key clients, as well as new business development. The Oiltec team looks forward to 1st of April (no joke) when Melissa starts in her position.