IADC Launces Well Control Institute

Over the past two years Oiltec has been training more than 1.500 students according to a program developed together with Statoil and Maersk Training Norway. “The Oiltec team is very enthusiastic about the initiative taken by IADC in co-operation with OGP, IWCF and the industry” says Lars Namork, Director in Oiltec.

We have retrieved from IADC the following message that we fully support:

A step-change in operational integrity and well control incident prevention

In August 2013, IADC announced the formation of the Well Control Institute (WCI), a game-changing shift in approach to well control training, assessment, and credentialing. The WCI will provide a single governance, single standard and single administration.

A New Model

The training and assessment standard developed by WCI will focus on learning and retention. It will emphasize realistic simulations and provide a reliable, secure standardized testing process that is verifiable.

Expected to be fully operational by mid-2014, the WCI will bring together all sectors of the drilling community to define and implement a new well control standard that will build on recommendations from the OGP Wells Expert Committee, the IADC WellCAP Advisory Panel, IWCF, and other industry stakeholders.

Lars Namork

New contract award: Signing Intellectus hiDRILL Simulator contract

Oiltec have together with its technology partners eDrilling and SINTEF been awarded a Simulator System Development contract by one of the leading O&G companies. The parties have agreed not to disclose contract value and scope for the contract. “This is again a recognition of unique and realistic training value that our Intellectus hiDRILL Simulators provides for the O&G companies.

The ability to actually “Drill the Wells in the Simulator” is taking the planning and training of drilling new wells to a new level” says Managing Director of Oiltec Solutions Mr. Tom Bremer. The delivery of the contract will take place in 2014.

Drilling Generic SEMI

New Contract award for Advanced Intellectus hiDrill Simulator training

“Oiltec has just been awarded a contract for Advanced Intellectus hiDRILL Simulator training for the crews of one of the leading O&G companies on the North Continental Shelf. We are very pleased to continue our co-operation related to simulator training for leading oil-companies, working together for safer and more efficient drilling operations. Maersk Training Norway will deliver drilling Instructors for the drilling courses. We consider this another recognition of high quality in our Simulator Product and Services.”hiDrill simulator