“Driller thriller”

“Drilling an oil well is not what it used to be. The job needs its own special tools, the dexterity of a pilot, and bundles of experience.”


“The Forus simulator is regarded as one of the world’s most advanced training fields for offshore drilling.”


“Human factors: the next safety frontier”

“Other high-hazard and highly technical industries, including commercial aviation, nuclear, medical and maritime, have already recognized the importance of human factors. Drilling is now embarking on this journey….”

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Oiltec’s latest SIM eye Study for Conocophillips

The Oiltec SIM eye Center was used by Conocophillips and WorleyParsons to study the major Crane lift operations required for the Capacity Increase upgrade, soon to be installed on Eko-J.
Using the latest CAD designs, the Simulation model of the Platform was updated where necessary and presented in a “Ready for Installation” state.
Lifts for six different pieces of the major equipment were studied, from Supply Vessel to final landing position. The final installation for most of the equipment was also Simulated.
The attendees ranged from Project Engineers to Crane Drivers and Flagmen. All contributing information from their own perspective, asking questions, clarifying the actual situations, discussing and agreeing on the best solutions for each situation.
The SIM eye Center’s four large screens provided various 3D real-time views of the on going Simulation, allowing the client to look at close-up’s and overviews as they requested, on the different screens.
The client was very satisfied with the flexibility insight and understanding the SIM eye Center provided for the project.

SIM eye Eko-J -June2014.

Tirsdag 28 MAI 2014 ÅPNER Oiltec og dets Partnere Trening og kompetansesenter for boring og brønn på Koppholen, Forus.

open house 27.05.2014


2014-May Pressrelease-Academy Opening final

O&G TRAINING CENTER_KOPPHOLEN-Norway-open-day-invitation


Training international customers on mobile simulator

The Oiltec and eDrilling team have completed an Intellectus hiDRILL Training workshop in Houston with our new mobile drilling simulator. Houston as an international oil-hub, is a fantastic venue to run training workshops for our international customers.

houston training mobile simulatorBy utilizing our mobile simulator for our customers abroad we manage to train their personnel without interrupting any scheduled training program.

Our Workshop’s objective is to Train-the-Trainer to the expert level by using our mobile simulator, as well as get further feedback on future development and functionalities that could bring additional value to our simulator systems. Our customers can rely on us providing high quality training for their Instructors, enabling them to tap out the full value of our Advanced Dynamic Drilling Simulators.

Intellectus hiDRILL is getting a lot of interest from visitors at the SPE / IADC Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas this week.

Intellectus hiDRILL is getting a lot of interest from visitors at the SPE / IADC Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas this week. A full software demo has been installed at the booth and potential customers are getting the real drilling experience. Presenting the intellectus hiDRILL Simulator system at the conference, the interest have been fantastic and the buzz word is all around toe conference center. In addition Just Wessel from Maersk Training Norway delivered a paper at the conference explaining the use of the simulator in advanced operations with customer Talisman. The paper was applauded by a large audience and created a lot of relevant questions after the presentation. Sharing our experience from the Intellectus hiDRILL simulator training that our Drilling and well Competence Academy in Stavanger, Norway – we welcome the IADC launce of the new Well Control Institute. The industry is taking drilling competence training to the next level.

IADC 4-6 march 3

IADC Launces Well Control Institute

Over the past two years Oiltec has been training more than 1.500 students according to a program developed together with Statoil and Maersk Training Norway. “The Oiltec team is very enthusiastic about the initiative taken by IADC in co-operation with OGP, IWCF and the industry” says Lars Namork, Director in Oiltec.

We have retrieved from IADC the following message that we fully support:

A step-change in operational integrity and well control incident prevention

In August 2013, IADC announced the formation of the Well Control Institute (WCI), a game-changing shift in approach to well control training, assessment, and credentialing. The WCI will provide a single governance, single standard and single administration.

A New Model

The training and assessment standard developed by WCI will focus on learning and retention. It will emphasize realistic simulations and provide a reliable, secure standardized testing process that is verifiable.

Expected to be fully operational by mid-2014, the WCI will bring together all sectors of the drilling community to define and implement a new well control standard that will build on recommendations from the OGP Wells Expert Committee, the IADC WellCAP Advisory Panel, IWCF, and other industry stakeholders.

Lars Namork

New contract award: Signing Intellectus hiDRILL Simulator contract

Oiltec have together with its technology partners eDrilling and SINTEF been awarded a Simulator System Development contract by one of the leading O&G companies. The parties have agreed not to disclose contract value and scope for the contract. “This is again a recognition of unique and realistic training value that our Intellectus hiDRILL Simulators provides for the O&G companies.

The ability to actually “Drill the Wells in the Simulator” is taking the planning and training of drilling new wells to a new level” says Managing Director of Oiltec Solutions Mr. Tom Bremer. The delivery of the contract will take place in 2014.

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