New contract award: Awarded multi Drilling Simulator contract from CNOOC, China.

Oiltec Solutions AS and eDrilling Systems AS have entered into a Contract with China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Oiltec Solutions AS (Oiltec) together with eDrilling Systems AS (eDrilling) has entered into a contract with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for delivery of an integrated drilling training and operational center in the city of Tianjin, China.

Two similar training facilities are in operation at Forus, Stavanger Norway, in addition to one in Houston Texas, USA. This is a major breakthrough for Oiltec and eDrilling in the Chinese market says Lars Namork, Sales Director at Oiltec. We are very happy and humble to the fact that CNOOC has chosen our technology for their training and well operations. The technology has been developed in Norway in co-operation with SINTEF Petroleum Research and important principal Statoil.

CNOOC is the largest offshore Oil and Gas producer in China. Headquartered in Beijing, CNOOC employ approximately 100.000 people in all their businesses.

We will deliver the most advanced drilling simulators for team training. The training simulator is called Intellectus hiDRILL and consists of advanced down-hole and topside simulators that constitutes one state of the art dynamic environment. Decision Support System called eDrilling and Well Planning System called ePlanning are very important parts of the total integrated delivery.

Like any other Oil and Gas producer or Drilling Contractor CNOOC needs decision and operational support for their wells. As for the training of crew it is very important that drillers, company crew members and rig management can train in an environment as close to the real world as possible. Like in Norway, CNOOC will train their crew on their own well configuration in situations that we can guarantee you will not want to see happen on a rig. We have learned a lot from how the Aviation Industry is thinking. They train on undesired operations, not only how to fly on autopilot. We are the “flight simulation provider” to the Drilling Industry, securing better decisions during drilling and well operations.